Chrissy was born in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, she performed all over Orlando in various roles and media, including four years as Mary Sloan, first class stewardess aboard the Titanic at Titanic: The Experience.

A graduate of the world renown iO West improv training program, Chrissy got her start in improv at Orlando's SAK Comedy Lab

Chrissy excels at dialects, will debate why Dunkin Donuts is far superior to Krispy Kreme, and is trained in the ancient skill of falling up steps. Although, technically she never had any real formal training -- it's a gift.

Growing up with her older brother Dave, she learned the fine art of sarcasm, what to do when it is 4th and goal and there is only a minute on the clock, and how to hide like a ninja after "borrowing" his green machine without his permission.

Now living in Los Angeles California, she can be found acting like she still loves her job at Starbucks and living safely on a ground floor bungalow. No steps.